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What’s new in 3Dsurvey version 2.14


    You no longer have to sit in front of the screen while the software calculates. Fully automatic workflow enables you to go from images to orthophoto without you staring at the screen and telling it what to do next! Import images and GCP coordinates, define processing steps, click RUN and get yourself a coffee!

    ADDING POINTS (annotations) to profile

    Add 3D points to a 2D profile in a most accurate way and extract curbs position accurately with no hassle. After creating a point on profile the 3D CAD point will be automatically generated in CAD tab.p.s: this feature was suggested by one of our clients and it really says it all – we truly care about your opinion!

    OPTIMIZED HOLE FILING MODE for mesh calculation

    Smart algorithms now help to recognize gaps and holes in point clouds and create the most effective border for Mesh calculation. No more unnecessary data outside of your project area!

    IMPROVED RENDERING OPTIONS for point clouds and surfaces (you can now set rendering options per object)

    But that’s not all! You will also be able to set your preferable colour for a specific point cloud, define specific object properties as height map view, shading, point size, number of rendered points for each point cloud or surface. This will help you to easily find the difference between two measurements or expose the details you would like to show to your customers.


    No more need to delete the points after classification – simply just uncheck the ‘’Unassigned’’ points and continue working on ‘’Ground’’ points to create a terrain model. You can now create multiple subclasses for the point cloud.

    REORDER LIST ELEMENTS OPTION (point clouds, meshes, orthophotos,…)

    If you would like to reorder your point clouds, meshes or orthophotos in a list of elements by timeline – now you have this option! The chronological sequence no longer matters. Just grab the element and move up or down to the desired position. This will also help you to have better control during the volume calculation and inspection of the difference between more orthophotos. 

    Did you know? We are one of the rare softwares that enables you to have an unlimited number of point clouds, ortophotos or meshes in the same project.

    SELECTION with CAD lines for point cloud and meshes

    Have you ever rushed to the construction site only to find out it’s too late or measured something and then got the news “This changed”. Well, this longer has to be frustrating. Beside the classical selection with left mouse click now you also have the option to select the deserted area with the help of a closed polyline from your CAD tab. This will help you to repeat selection of exactly the same area on different projects or select the exact same are based on information you contractor sends you. So if the foundations’ height changes it’s no longer a problem, you can deal within a few clicks!

    SORT IMAGES LIST by column with multiple (de)selection

    Let’s face it. Some cameras are just not useful at all. And they don’t have to be! Sorth your Bundle Adjustment results by error and use multiple selection with ‘’Shift’’ option and eliminate bad images from the next processing step – this will improve the accuracy and eliminate artifacts from your point cloud and mesh model!


    • New project file format reduces memory requirements when loading/saving (not compatible with older versions)
    • Calculate normals for LIDAR data (which are required for mesh calculation)
    • Hybrid bundle adjustment mode is now default mode
    • Add support for iPhone 12 images
    • Support to load point cloud from *.pts file