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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. This privacy statement clarifies which personal information is collected from you through our interaction with you and through our products and how this information is used.

Modri planet recognises the importance of your privacy, this is why we are trying to protect the privacy of the personal information of our users. The aim of the Privacy statment is to inform you about the policy of the privacy protection and about your possibilities to choose the method of collecting and usage of the information on the web. The Privacy statement is reachable at the bottom of every web page. 

Collection of personal data

The web page Modri planet can be accessed without identification or passing of the personal data. On some web pages you have to enter your personal data, for example your e-mail, name, home or work address, telephone number and other data, in order to process your order or your requirement. In the following cases you will have to supply the personal data:

  • when using the contact form on the web page
  • when ordering on the web page
  • when participating in online surveys, Give Aways and marketing
  • when you would like to be on our e-mail list
  • when downloading software trial version
  • when participating on webinars or downloading Pilot application

Users have the full responsibility for the plausibility of the personal data and contact information provided on the page. All the acquired data will be used to establish contact with the user when this is needed and on user’s demand. You can revoke the permission to process your personal data at any time. In this case, Modri planet will make sure that all necessary is done to process your requirement as soon as possible.

The use of personal data

MODRI PLANET is using your personal data to process your orders and your requirements and as a means of communication with you: to answer your questions, to inform you about the marketing material or information.

All your personal data and contact information will be used only for the purposes for which they were send and with your permission. In the case of collecting or usage for any other kind of purpose besides those to which you agreed, you will be contacted beforehand in order to obtain agreement.

Security of personal data

MODRI PLANET is committed to protect the data that has been provided by you. Any kind of unauthorised access, usage and disclosure of this data is prevented by different security technologies and procedures. Inside the company MODRI PLANET, we are keeping the data in regularly controlled computer systems with restricted access and in protected areas.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

MODRI PLANET will not transfer any personal data of the users of the page to any natural person or legal entity outside of Modri planet distribution network, without prior agreement. We reserve the right to access and disclose personal data for the purpose of accomplishing and ensuring the compliance with the law, to meet the legal requirements and to use the data in legal actions to protect the rights and the property of the company MODRI PLANET and its customers.

The use of the cookies and tracking technology

Web page MODRI PLANET is using the so-called cookies, which help the user to demonstrate him the page and to use our page in a manner that is tailored to his needs. The cookies is a small text file, which is kept by the web server in the system of your computer. Its major task is to store in the computer your settings and other data, so it does not need to be re-entered the next time you visit our web pages.

By using the cookies, it is not possible to implement programs or to infect the computer with a virus. The cookies are not enabling us the access to your system or to your personal data.

The use of the cookies is a fixed procedure used on most of the web pages. Standard settings of the browser are enabling the use of the cookies. In case that you do not agree with their usage, you have to change the settings of the browser so that the acceptance of the cookies will be disabled, in which case it will instantly become more difficult to communicate with the web page MODRI PLANET. Even if you accept the cookies, you can delete those later from the tools on your browser. We are using the cookies only for the reason of optimizing the web page and to accord it to your wishes.

MODRI PLANET is collecting the data of your use of our web page and of our online services. With our tools for analysis of the web page, we can, for example, obtain the information from your browser such as – from which browser did you search from, with which browser and with which key words did you find us, which pages did you check on our web page and which data, which width and height is using your browser. With different tracking technologies we can collect the information on the web page you were checking before, and which connections you are clicking, and about other actions, which are carried out on our web pages. Besides this, we are also occasionally collecting the information, which is then later on sent by the browser to every web site, for example the IP address, type and language of the browser, time of access and the addresses of the web sites.

Amendment to the Privacy statement

The Privacy statement was last updated in June 2017. This statement can occasionally be updated in accordance to the changes in our services and is based on the feedback from users. All of the changes will be published on this site and we will update the date of the last change. In the case of significant changes, we will inform you on the visible place or with a direct message.

Your questions and suggestions

In case of any kind of questions, concerns or suggestions regarding our choices, usage and disclosure of your personal data, you are kindly requested, to send those via this online form or to send a message to our contacts.

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