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Terms & Conditions

Agreeing with conditions

In our company MODRI PLANET we designed our web page in order to enable a general public to get informed on MODRI PLANET, on its services and activities. By using this web page for browsing or to any other usage at will, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the conditions of use and that you agree with them and fully accept their purpose. In case you don’t accept these conditions, we are kindly asking you to stop using our website. We recommend you to visit our web page from time to time and revisit current conditions of use, since these are legally binding.

Limitation of liability

All the information and material on the web page of MODRI PLANET is of informative nature. We will try to provide the best possible service of the webpage; however, we are not taking any responsibility or warranties for the effective use of the page. All the visitors of this page are using it on their own responsibility. MODRI PLANET is not held responsible to any damage made by accessing, using or being unable to use the information on the web page MODRI PLANET or for any kind of mistake or insufficient information.

MODRI PLANET will try for accurate, up to date and as perfect as possible data, which will be provided on these pages, but it does not take any responsibility for their accuracy, up to datedness and perfection.

MODRI PLANET can change the content of the pages at any time without any prior notification and does not assume any liability for the consequences of these changes.

Limitation to personal and non-commercial use

The information and the content of the web page MODRI PLANET are intended for your personal and non-commercial use. Texts, photos, videos and other content, which is published on this web page, should not be changed, copied, distributed, shown, carried out, preproduced, published, licenced, downloaded, sold or used for any works. It is allowed to upload or print the information and the materials in the purpose of watching and reading for non-commercial intention.

Intellectual property and protection of trademarks

All existing rights are reserved. The information and the materials on the web page MODRI PLANET are protected with intellectual rights of the company MODRI PLANET and of associate companies which are included in our web page MODRI PLANET.

All the marks on the web page are have protected rights, only exception is in the case when the owner of the web page MODRI PLANET decides differently. This includes also the owner’s logos, signs and slogans. The use of the stamps is allowed only by prior authorisation of the owner of the web page MODRI PLANET.

Prohibited and unlawful use

Web page MODRI PLANET can be used only in so far as it is not going to be used for any illicit purpose or for any before-mentioned conditions, requirements and notes. The web page must not be used for a purpose that could in any way harm, disable, overcharge or damage the company MODRI PLANET or its customers. It is strictly prohibited to use or to contact this web page with the purpose of impeding or damaging of its content and/or its security measures or to harass and belittle MODRI PLANET, its services and its personnel. It is prohibited to use the web page to publish any kind of spam or to send it via this page and name. It is prohibited to try to get unauthorised access to computer settings of the MODRI PLANET by using any hacking knowledge, collecting passwords or any other methods. MODRI PLANET is in position to judge any kind of use of the page and in case of infringing the rules it is authorised to take measures against any kind of violation of rules. Infringements of the system and of the security of the web can lead to civil or criminal liability.

Connections to third parties

Web page MODRI PLANET contains connections or references to web pages, online sources and information of the third parties. Connected pages are not under control of the company MODRI PLANET, this is why MODRI PLANET is not held responsible for the content on whichever connected page or for any kind of connection on the connected page, as well as for any changes or updates on these connected pages. When visiting or using the related pages, the company MODRI PLANET is entirely excluded of any responsibility.

Changes in the conditions of usage of the web page

The Conditions of the usage of the web page MODRI PLANET were updated for the last time in May 2018. MODRI PLANET can update these conditions, according to any kind of change of our services and as a result of the feedback from the users. All the amendments of the conditions will be published on this web page and we will also update the date of the last change. In the case of significant changes, we will inform you in a manner clearly visible or by direct message.

All questions and suggestions

In case of any kind of questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the Conditions of use of the web page MODRI PLANET, you are kindly requested, to send those via this online form or to send a message to our contacts.

About Software

3Dsurvey software and documentation are supplied electronically, in the form of the license key (alpha-numeric code) and the web link to the 3Dsurvey software. This key allows to run 3Dsurvey software on one computer (or more in case of a multi-user license) simultaneously, however, it can be transferred between multiple computers by deactivating/activating it in the 3Dsurvey GUI.

Support & Upgrades

3Dsurvey Stand-Alone license includes 12 months of online based technical support and updates of the software. Further Yearly Support & Upgrades are available at EUR 540,00 / year.

Perpetual license is a non-expiry license. Please note that after the first 12-month period, the latest software versions, upgrades and support can be purchased optionally at EUR 540,00 / year if extended within the validity and at EUR 750,00 / year if extended after the validity. If licence is not extended for more than 2 years in a row, licence can no longer be upgraded. 

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