Survey plan for a Family house project

  • Tišina, Prekmurje, Slovenia
  • November 2015

It’s always good to go out, fly a drone, shoot some photos and turn all that into digital 3D models. This time, we were invited to work on a small site in the village of Tišina in Prekmurje. 
For a client, an architecture studio, we realized this project not only to produce a survey plan needed for a building permit but also to display the benefits of photogrammetry to any building project.

Classical terrestrial measuring methods still get their fair share and are at times necessary but there are some limits to what you can do with it, especially when it comes to visualization and manipulation of your data. Performing photogrammetric measurements, on the other hand, sees us utilizing UAVs and large format cameras, making the process faster and results more accurate and more presentable.

DJI S900 and Olympus EPL7 proved to be a great package yet again. A flight to 80m was needed to get the right set of images. Data was then imported into 3Dsurvey for processing. First we created a dense point cloud and generated a digital terrain model. Then an orthophoto map could be calculated to put it all together into a survey plan.

Tools: DJI S900 drone at 80m altitude
Camera: Olympus EPL7
Positioning: GPS used to place Ground control points
Software: 3Dsurvey

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