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Release notes


What’s new:

  • Various mesh texture calculation improvements

What’s fixed:

  • fix crash when reloading images
  • reduce delay when users starts drawing CAD data
  • fix incorrect progress reporting for bundle adjustment
  • improve mouse ray calculation to better handle large scenes


What’s new:

  • Add cloud upload functionality
  • Improved texture calculation quality
  • Add color-based point selection
  • Add texture compression when rendering mesh
  • Add support for loading tiled TIFF files when importing orthophoto
  • Add LandXML file import functionality
  • Context menu to recent projects list on startup view
  • Implement support for TIFF compression and optimize PNG compression
  • Replace DXF file import with CAD layer selection dialog
  • Add reduce point cloud function to context menu
  • Allow user to collapse groups on CAD tab
  • Add option to hide CAD info box
  • Display total distance for CAD lines and measurements
  • Improve multiple item selection (click on item while holding CTRL adds item to current selection)
  • Improve display of common parameters for multiple CAD items
  • Improved screen capture functionality
  • Optimized volume rendering on orthophoto view

What’s fixed:

  • Fix default layer selection on CAD point generation dialog
  • Do not ignore texture resolution set by user
  • Close PNG file when exporting orthophoto

Known issues:

  • There is a slight delay when users starts drawing CAD data.
(137.37 MB, .exe)

Tutorial datasets

Construction Site

Tools: Phantom 4 RTK & Integrated camera 20 MPX

(1.14 GB)

Vineyard & Estate

Tools: Phantom 4 PRO & Integrated camera 20 MPX

(565.70 MB)


Tools: Phantom 4 PRO & Integrated camera 20 MPX

(2.97 GB)

Highway & Petrol Station

Tools: Bramor RTK & Sony Alpha 6000 (24 MPX)

(3.41 GB)

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