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How to use Bounding Box

Welcome to 3Dsurvey tutorials.

We’re going to show you the functionality of the Bounding Box.

It’s a useful tool for two reasons.

First; move sections freely left, right, up or down and the tool lets you easily inspect the data inside the box whilst ignoring everything outside your box selection.

Second, sliding 2 opposite Bounding Box panes together gives you a 3D profile of the surface model. To move through the 3D model press CTRL and left- click the Bounding Box pane and you’ll be able to slide it in any direction and explore all the sections on the fly. Turning on the Heightmap displays the height differences even more clearly.

Use Bounding box in either point cloud tab or DSM tab.

It is possible to inspect the differences between several point clouds or surfaces, of course. For example, loading two point clouds from the same area but measured at a different time and using Bounding Box will clearly show the difference. Apply different colours to surfaces for even more impressive results.