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Field to Finish with 3DSurvey

Data captured from UAV’s has been in the industry for a while now, but a key part of any new technology is how to use it effectively. 

More importantly, how does the new technology help with everyday tasks?  One of the tasks that UAV data can be most effectively used for is Topographic mapping.  Using UAVs for this purpose dramatically reduces field time, increases details of the terrain captured, while maintaining a survey accuracy.  Most organizations have existing standards for these projects established in their preferred CAD platform.  This webinar will show a Field to Finish approach with data processed in 3DSurvey presented in a popular CAD software.

This webinar is focused for Surveying and Mapping professionals, and both potential and existing 3DSurvey users will benefit from attending.  Also, users with experience with other photogrammetry software will see why 3DSurvey is leader in Surveying and Mapping applications.  Additionally, we will show another project with data created from the new DJI M300 RTK with the Zenemuse P1 camera.

See you on the webinar!

Webinar will be hosted by partner Surveyors Source LCC from Arizona, US.

Eric Evans

Meet your host – Eric Evans

Eric Evans is an experienced Account Executive at Surveyors Source LLC, with a demonstrated history of working in Technology Sales for Surveying, Engineering and Forensic Measurement equipment.

Surveyors Source LLC is a dedicated provider with first-class customer service and quality products at a fair price. Their mission is to be your first choice supplier of Land Surveying and Civil Engineering measuring systems utilising the latest robotic total station, GNSS, Data collection and software systems on the market today. They are a valued 3Dsurvey partner from 2016.