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Introducing 3Dsurvey Cloud beta

    A Game-Changing Addition to the 3Dsurvey Software Suite

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    3Dsurvey is proud to announce our latest feature, 3Dsurvey Cloud, which was introduced in version 2.18. As a leading player in the field of photogrammetry software, 3Dsurvey is committed to innovation and transforming the way spatial data is processed and utilized for everyone. With the introduction of 3Dsurvey Cloud, we offer surveying professionals a remarkable new tool that promises to transform the way they work.

    The platform is designed to make your surveying tasks more accessible, efficient, and collaborative. It allows users to easily share 3Dsurvey results with clients and effectively manage their projects. 3Dsurvey Cloud represents a significant leap forward in how survey data is processed, managed, and shared.

    Please note that Cloud is only available to customers who have a Perpetual license with active Support & Upgrades, and customers with an active Subscription. This feature is not available in the trial version. 

    Users can access their Cloud by logging in here

    Key Benefits

    Before 3Dsurvey Cloud, users faced the challenge of sharing large files via external providers like WeTransfer, pCloud Transfers, or Google Drive. Clients had to then download the data and install the 3Dsurvey viewer, or use alternative 3D software to import and view the data, often requiring a high-performance computer. With 3Dsurvey Cloud, users can simply upload their results and share a web link via email or other channels. Clients can instantly access and view the data without the need for additional software or powerful hardware.

    Project sharing

    3Dsurvey Cloud runs smoothly on various platforms, including Windows, Apple, iOS, and Android. Users can access their data from any device without worrying about system requirements.

    Unlike the comprehensive 3Dsurvey software with over 100 functions, 3Dsurvey Cloud offers a simplified interface with essential functions for quick project management and sharing. 

    Pricing Strategy

    Every 3Dsurvey customer with a valid Support & Upgrade package benefits from a free basic plan, offering 75GB of cloud storage. As projects grow, users will have the option to subscribe to monthly plans that provide increased storage space, including 150GB and 500GB options.

    How to Use Cloud

    Please refer to our Tutorials page, where you will find out more about Cloud and how to use it. This includes information about the general workflow, how to log in, how to navigate the platform, how to share your projects, and what essential tools are available. 

    Check out more Cloud tutorials on our YouTube channel, or read about the 2.18 version update here

    Contact us at [email protected] for more information.