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Become a 3Dsurvey partner

Join us in our mission to help surveyors all over the world work smarter, faster, and safer than ever before.

Revenue share

We guarantee our partners commission per sale. We don’t contract exclusive partnerships however in order to keep business opportunities open and our position independent.

Sales & marketing support

All of our partners receive full marketing and sales support, 1:1 consultations, training, all of our marketing materials, licensed use of our logo and an official partners badge.

Partner account dashboard

We have a private account dashboard for our partners to monitor licenses, access support materials, and everything else you might need.

Dedicated partner manager

We’ll sign you up with an account manager to help you market and sell our software as efficiently as possible. Your 3Dsurvey account manager will always be there for you to help you through every step of the way.

Book a discovery call with us

We take business personally and that’s why we believe the 1st step should be a friendly chat. So, book a call with us and let’s see how we can help each other out!

Sign partner agreement

We’ll provide you with a 3Dsurvey partner agreement for you to review and sign, once we both determine we’re a good fit for each other. Next step is onboarding to our Partner Portal and marketing systems.

Sales and marketing consultation

Once the contractual formalities are taken care of, we’ll organise another call with you, focusing on just how 3Dsurvey would best fit into your existing sales activities. To see how we can best help you introduce 3Dsurvey to your customers and/or partners.

Software support training

One of our technical advisors will take care of providing you with all the information and knowledge you need to be able to confidently and convincingly present 3Dsurvey to your customers and/or partners.

Become our partner

Schedule a friendly discovery call with us and let’s see just how we can help each other out.

How our partnerships look

Are you a surveyor, spending more time in the field than you want to? 3Dsurvey is a tailor-made tool for land surveyors, designed so you can save time and gain control. With our surveying software you can process and classify any data source for any environment and make it easier and quicker.

Multiple program levels possible, depending on your needs and performance.

When you sign up as a 3Dsurvey partner, you get access to a free 3Dsurvey partner account that’s full of helpful resources, support materials and guidelines. Everything you need to successfully represent 3Dsurvey. We’ll even sign you up with a personal account manager.

You may expect amazing benefits, but there are also some requirements on our end. Just so we can both get the most our of our mutually-beneficial partnership. Read all about that below.

You'll be joining an expanding team of professionals

1000s of completed projects across different industries

19 supported languages

More than 70 partners

50 countries around the globe

Made by surveyors for surveyors

What our partners love most about working with us

By becoming an official 3Dsurvey partner you’ll get access to a 3Dsurvey partner account full of helpful resources, materials and guidelines.


When we say it’s made by surveyors for surveyors, we’re not joking. Our users love 3Dsurvey because it’s tailor made for them by people who have been in their shoes, on the field, in the mud and dirt, and who know exactly what a modern digital surveyor needs.

As our partner you may expect to receive:

  • Full access to the 3Dsurvey software suite
  • Everything you need to know about 3Dsurvey to successfully present it to the end users
  • All the updates on the latest features and software upgrades before anyone else

The surveyors community is unique in a lot of different ways, and supporting one another is an absolute must in this industry, which is why we do our absolute best not only to support our end users but our partners as well.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Working with a dedicated 3Dsurvey account manager
  • Complete sales and marketing support, ranging from materials to 1:1 consultations
  • 1:1 training on handling our industry-leading surveying software

This isn’t just about business for us, it’s personal on all levels and we’re committed to offer and deliver only the very best. We’re in it for the long run, with our customers as well as our partners.

We guarantee:

  • A personal and friendly approach to all your needs and challenges
  • Responsive, helpful and equal treatment
  • A transparent and fair way of doing business

3Dsurvey partners all over the world:

Our partners

Our partners