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Why 3Dsurvey?

Our all-in-one software gives you everything you need in one place. It is built and constantly updated based on first-hand surveying experience.

If you’re looking for reliable software to save time and gain control you are in the right place!

Made by Surveyors

Saving you time

As an end-to-end solution, our software gives you the power to process data from any input – this means less manual work and more time planning and implementing. It transforms equipment into automated high-precision surveying tools. No add-ons required. No need to change your data source.

Giving you control

We don’t just provide information from any data source; our software turns your data into countless opportunities. From helping you discover, process, and manipulate data – we give you more accuracy whilst increasing your revenue potential. Because when there are fewer surprises, you are in control.

Doing it with know how

Like you, we’re a team of surveying specialists passionate about our craft. Our team consists of 70% development, and more than half are surveyors! We get excited by the endless possibilities of our geospatial software and how new geospatial technology can improve our solutions for you.

Any input

Our suite of digital processing tools enables users to recreate any environment in digital form using any input, data, or imagery – from aerial UAV, terrestrial, mobile photos, laser scanners, LIDAR, sonar, and more.

Any industry

Reliable and intuitive tools help businesses worldwide reduce time spent on site, improve planning accuracy and boost revenue. Professionals in industries spanning surveying, mining, construction, quarrying, and natural disaster management can make more informed plans and responses. 

We will never leave you behind

Our best-in-class customer service ensures that no customer is left behind. We treat you like a real person, not just another number.  That’s why all our new clients get a special 1:1 onboarding. 

3Dsurvey's support and customer care have surpassed all of our expectations. Marko, Vid and Matija are true professionals, prompt to respond and always happy to help with solutions at hand. Even though we sometimes make their days hard, they make our lives easier - thank you for doing the best job!

Jano Komac
Institut Mediapro

What you can expect

Easy to use software

Based on real-life experience

Useful for any data source

Reliable customer support

Ready to save time and gain control?