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What’s new in 3Dsurvey 2.18.1


    Thursday 13.10.2022 at 2PM CEST


    This software update delivers several advancements focused on improving the performance and stability of 3Dsurvey. We added final touches to the texture calculation algorithm, which will deliver you the most impressive 3D models in the shortest time possible.

    What’s new in 2.18.1

    Further texture calculation improvements

    The speed 

    By optimizing and fine tuning the texture calculation algorithm, we made it even faster than in the previous version. Remember the test results we showed you when the 2.17 version was released. In the image below you can see the comparison between old (2.16 and older), Previous (2.17 and 2.18) and 2.18.1. It’s a small step forward saving you time, especially in cases when you select only the subset of images to calculate the texture.

    On average the calculation time is decreased by 33% and in the best case it only took 25% of the original time. 

    Better exposure balance

    In rare cases, the texture exposure got out of balance. We fixed this, so your models never get over or underexposed again.

    Notice the root section overexposed on the left side, oh nevermind, you won’t notice it anymore.
    What’s fixed:
    • Fix crash when reloading images
    • Reduce delay when users starts drawing CAD data
    • Fix incorrect progress reporting for bundle adjustment
    • Improve mouse ray calculation to better handle large scenes

    We are continuously working on refining our software. Your feedback is most welcome for helping us deliver these improvements.

    As always, we highly value your input. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your feedback drives our innovation!

    Stay tuned, because more exciting updates are coming in the future.

    Best regards, 3Dsurvey Team