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What’s new in 3Dsurvey 2.17

We just released 3Dsurvey version 2.17. Join us on the webinar and see the exciting new features we developed to make your job faster and easier. 3Dsurvey 2.17 is all about texture algorithm.

The long awaited improvement! New, faster and better looking texture is here!

What’s new in 2.17:

  • Speed optimisation deep dive
  • Better hole filling – no more black spaces
  • New extreme details
  • Hardware friendly – easier on the dated PCs
  • Perfected hardware utilization
  • Align two objects based on identical points
  • CAD drawing on image improvement
  • Snapshot functionality upgrade

And more of course! Sign up below and join us for a webinar where you’ll find out all about new features and how to use them!

Watch a recording of the What's new in 2.17 webinar on YouTube: