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Stockpile volume calculations fast, easy and accurate

This is a call to industries like Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Utility and similar ones that in order to complete their projects, need reliable, easy, fast, safe and especially accurate stock pile volume calculations business.

As you might already know, traditional methods of volume calculations are walking wheel, truckload and bucket count method or the eyeballing method. Unfortunately, all these methods have some common drawbacks and challenges, including inaccurate results, are time consuming (sometimes it takes days) , a lot of time dangerous due to inaccessible areas and usually need several workers to achieve the task.  On the other hand,  this tasks can even be extremely complex when you need to export the DXF data with boundary information of the desired area and importing it for volume calculation.

All these challenges might lead to profit lose due to wrong calculations, penalties not meeting regulations, spending days on the field and still not being sure about accuracy, or even not being able to measure it is the pile includes dangerous waist. Apart from the direct costs, we should also have in mind how much time we spend on the field instead of doing more profitable tasks and also workers sick leave due to bad weather conditions or dangerous situations.

In order ot complete the task of volume calculations workers need the right tools, which will enable them to measure stockpiles accurately, safely and fast. Sometimes they should also have some fun while performing measurements.

In this webinar we are going to talk, explore and show on real life scenario, how easy, fast, safe and reliable you and your teams can perform volumetric calculations , by using tools that are easy to use, simple and affordable.  We will show you how  drones, together with photogrammetry software can lower your cost, increase your profit, make your work safer and faster.  Oh yes, we know… usually you also need to do volumetric calculations at the same site, we will also compare multiple measurements, visualize in realistic 3D detail, and detect changes on the fly or over time. But wait! This is not all.. As we understand your business and challenges and as we want to make it even more compelling for you, we will also show you how to define volume calculation area based on CAD layer. without exporting the DXF data with boundary information.

Joining our webinar will show you how can volumetric calculations be affordable, easy, fast, reliable and safe.


Meet your host – Marko

  • 11+ years of surveying experience
  • 1000+ processed 3Dsurveying projects
  • 5+ years of dedicated customer and technical support

Marko has been with us here at 3Dsurvey from the very beginning. He is one of our most experienced, hardworking and beloved product managers.

Having started his career as a traditional surveyor, he quickly mastered all the classic techniques, such as working with topo maps, survey plans, cadastral measurements, volume calculations …

But that wasn’t enough …

It’s not really about working hard, is it? As soon as you get a little familiar with the business side of things, you figure out that it’s really more about producing meaningful results …

That’s kind of how he found himself in the middle of two very different sides of the same coin.

And he had no trouble with the surveying aspect of the job. He always loved that part. No matter the workload, terrain type and difficulty, he always gave his 110%.

Satisfying the business side of it all, however, was a completely different story.

Fulfilling quotas, meeting deadlines, and just generally making sure to deliver on what was asked of him … all that suddenly turned into his number one priority, which soon also became his number one nightmare.

It just stopped being fun. I was spending more and more time in the field, and with project corrections, and reports. And it all started to feel like a lost cause, because we simply weren’t completing enough projects …

We were all dealing with those same issues. Business is hard. And most of our surveying colleagues agreed with the sentiment. Something had to change. And luckily it did.
We discovered modern drone photogrammetry, and never really looked back. We even went a little further and crafted our own take on what modern surveying should be. Made by surveyors for surveyors …

Marko has since completed over 300 aerial mapping and image processing projects for our end customers, and processed more than 1000 3Dsurveying projects overall.

And somewhere along the way he also discovered his favourite part of the job … in helping his fellow surveyors.

I mean, when we’re out in the field, we’re all basically in the same mud, right? We’re all dealing with the same challenges. So, the more I learned about all the better ways of surveying, the more I felt the need to share that knowledge. And here we are.