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Using Photogrammetry for
Solar Panel Installation Planning

Learn how photogrammetry can be leveraged to create precise 3D models of potential solar installation sites.

Enrich your understanding of cutting-edge photogrammetric technology.

This webinar is for you if you:

  • are involved in solar panel installations and solar power plants.
  • are doing dangerous rooftop measurements, risking falls and accidents.
  • want to save time and reduce cost of specialized training.
  • struggle with height-related anxieties and extreme weather conditions.

Our approach will help you with:

  • Drone-powered rooftop mapping in just 10 minutes.
  • Creating a 3D model in 3Dsurvey, extracting precise dimensions with ease.
  • Resulting in Point Cloud, Textured 3D model, and Orthophoto outputs.
  • Direct compatibility with leading solar plant design software like SolarEdge.

Say goodbye to risky, outdated methods and embrace the future of solar panel measurement!

Watch the webinar:

Meet your hosts: Marko & Matija

Marko Mesarič

  • 11+ years of surveying experience
  • 1000+ processed 3Dsurveying projects
  • 5+ years of dedicated customer and technical support

Marko, a highly experienced and beloved product manager at 3Dsurvey, has been with us since the company’s inception. Beginning his career as a traditional surveyor, he swiftly mastered classic techniques like working with topo maps, survey plans, and volume calculations.

However, his passion for producing meaningful results drove him to bridge the gap between the technical and business sides of surveying. He excelled in surveying, always giving his utmost in various terrains and workloads.

Marko’s journey took a transformative turn when 3Dsurvey adopted modern drone photogrammetry, ushering in a new era of surveying. He played a pivotal role in completing over 300 aerial mapping and image processing projects for our clients, as well as processing more than 1000 3Dsurveying projects overall.

Furthermore, Marko discovered his true calling in assisting fellow surveyors, recognizing the common challenges they faced in the field. His dedication to knowledge-sharing and commitment to improving surveying methods became his favorite part of the job.

Matija Zupan

  • Engineer geologist
  • 9+ years of fieldwork and CAD experience

Matija has a thorough understanding of how product usage impacts customers and has a sense of urgency to resolve a problem, which can’t be replaced by technology. He of course constantly ensures the products meet exceptionally high-quality standards so that users don’t need to worry about bugs.

He brings to the team a wide array of field work experience from managing construction sites, examining landslides and mapping countless rocky slopes. He knows just how much time engineers spend visualizing and analyzing the data in GIS and CAD systems.