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Home » 3Dsurvey is one of the Game Changers: 24 Products to Watch for 2024

3Dsurvey is one of the Game Changers: 24 Products to Watch for 2024

    Exciting news! 🎉 3Dsurvey has been recognized as one of the top 24 game-changing products of 2024 by Geo Week! This prestigious list highlights 3Dsurvey’s transformative power in redefining spatial data processing across industries.

    Here’s why 3Dsurvey stands out:
    🌐 Versatile application: Tailored for land surveying, mining, construction, architecture, and public safety.
    💡 Innovative workflows: All-in-one solution with centimeter-grade precision, eliminating the need for multiple software products.
    🎯 Spatial accuracy: Achieve unparalleled precision in digital maps and 3D models.
    🔧 Object transformation tool: Simplify complex tasks, seamlessly integrating models for precise outcomes.

    Come visit us at Geo Week 2024!

    Geo Week is the premier event for increased integration between the built environment, advanced airborne/terrestrial technologies, and commercial 3D technologies.

    It was created as a response to the changing needs of built world and geospatial professionals, and to acknowledge the convergence of technology taking place currently. New technological innovations, the need for remote workflows, and hardware breakthroughs are redefining expectations across teams, organizations, and entire industries. Geo Week is at the center of it all.

    Join Marko (product manager) and Tomaž (CEO) and discover more about our latest version, Cloud and more. Marko will also be giving a product preview presentation on February 11th (see the schedule here.)

    Join us in Denver, Colorado on February 11-13. Our booth number is 427.