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Volume calculation of excavated material on construction site


The 3Dsurvey program enables construction site monitoring and a simple calculation of the excavated material or the material fill.

Successive measurements enable us to calculate quantities during separate phases. As the calculations are based on the aerial photographs, we can also choose the material for which we wish to calculate the fill or the excavation volume. In less than an hour we can measure an area of 350 x 250 meters. 

This project involved measuring a large-scale construction site in the Ljubljana city centre.


Our objective was to perform a series of site visits and use the data acquired to recognise and monitor all the changes of the site and its nearby surroundings.

We used 3Dsurvey tools, such as volume calculation, point cloud and digital surface generation and manipulation, and profile/cross section calculation to achieve accurate results.

1st Measurements Outputs

2nd Measurements Outputs

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