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St. Hubert – archaeology and 3D documentation

The project

Create a 3D model of a statue. The statue is of the Christian Saint Hubert. Hubert is the patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, opticians and metalworkers. He renounced hunting after having his vision of encountering a stag. The purpose of this data collection was for the archival of cultural heritage and 3D documentation which could be the basis for reconstruction & restoration.

The process

With the help of an ordinary digital camera, we photographed the zinc statue of Saint Hubert and a deer outside Bistra Castle in Slovenia. We calculated a textured 3D model from the photos in our 3Dsurvey software.

Archaeological conservation

Archaeological conservationists play an important role in the monument protection service. Modern heritage protection encompasses more than simply the protection of buildings and objects. By considering the spatial totalities and values of the cultural environment, it brings together the expertise of the fundamental disciplines of archaeology, architecture, ethnology, landscape architecture, urban history, and the specialist knowledge and theoretical approaches of conservation, restoration and preventive archaeology.

Project tools and specs

Drone: None. Just hand shots from a standard digital camera

Camera: Olympus EP2 (12M pix camera)

Number of GCPs: 3 – local coordinate system

Area of interest: 5 x 5m

3D model results

Have a look at the images below to see the 3D model. Notice the level of detail and texture. We used our integrated CAD tools to measure the statue at just over 4 meters. This is also visually represented by the height map.

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