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Waypoint flying DJI

Hi and welcome to 3Dsurvey tutorials.

Today we’ll talk about how to plan a flight route with the A2 autopilot system from DJI.

Open the DJI Ground Station software. First connect your drone to your computer. Turn on drone engines for a few seconds just to mark the home point. I’m sitting in the office at the moment so I’m going to skip this step.

To start waypoint planning go to ToolBox and select Photogrammetry Tool. Click Reference Photo to quickly check if the camera is working properly.

Continue by selecting correct camera parameters. In our case we’ll set Focal length to 17, Sensor Height to 13 and Sensor Width to 18.

Select the flight parameters: set Flying height to, for example, 80 meters – we’ve used this same parameter on 90% of all surveying projects. Minimum horizontal and vertical overlap for image processing in 3Dsurvey is 60%. We’ll set them to 70% and 65% just to be on the safe side.

Set the horizontal speed to 5 m/s and vertical speed to 3 m/s. Set Turn mode to Adaptive Bank Turn – this will reduce your flight time over a particular area to less than half.

Next, select the area you want to survey – press ‘Click to draw a region’ button and use tools to set it to the right size; press left or right arrows to rotate the selected area and use yellow or red holders to change the dimension.

When you’re satisfied with the selection click Preview and the software will automatically generate the flight route for your project based on selected parameters. Check it all quickly and click Generate. The Editor pops up on the screen, make sure everything is alright and Upload your waypoint file to your drone.