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How to geotag images

Welcome to 3Dsurvey Tutorials.

We’ll show you how to geotag images in Mission Planner. This case applies to drones that do not automatically save GPS information in the image exif data. We start off with images we’ve captured with a drone and a separate log file from the flight path.

Run the Mission Planner software, press CTRL + F to open Temporary Options window and click the first option Georeference Images.

Browse to your log file and select it, do the same for pictures. Note that the path gets set automatically if the file is in the same folder.

Select Cam Message Syncro radio button, leave the presets as they are and click Preprocess. There is an option to create KML file, in this case we’re skipping  it and going straight to Geotag Images. Important: only select aerial images for geotagging, the rest need to be deleted prior to importing them into misssion planner.

The result is a new folder named Geotagged, if you browse to image properties you will find GPS coordinates added to EXIF data.

That is our today’s task done. To learn how to import images w/ exif data gps to 3Dsurvey see Tutorial 3.