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3D model orientation with EXIF/GPS and ground control points (GCP)

Welcome to 3Dsurvey Tutorials.

This tutorial explains how to improve 3D model orientation in 3Dsurvey using both EXIF/GPS data and Ground control points (GCP).

To manually correct / improve model orientation click Orientate -> Orientate with GCP. Then Browse for your file and open it for your coordinates to upload into 3Dsurvey. Click Next.

Continue by finding GCPs on your aerial imagery -> right-mouse click to select them. 3 ground control points need to be selected for 3Dsurvey to successfully find all the rest and make calculations accordingly.

In the next window you can check if all is ok, confirm or ignore particular targets/points and fine-tune 3Dsurvey’s results.

All that is left now is to click Next, check the orientation accuracy in the table, and click Finish. And you’re done! 

To find out how to reconstruct the model see our tutorial library, follow us or contact us directly.