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What’s new in 3Dsurvey 3.0

Major improvements in 3Dsurvey are (almost) here! We are happy to announce the release date of our new version: June 27th.
Attend our live webinar and update to the new version!
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Get ready to get your mind blow with our newest version: 3Dsurvey 3.0!

Join our exclusive webinar, “What’s new in 3Dsurvey 3.0,” on Thursday, June 27th at 2:00 PM CEST to discover the exciting new features that will optimize your workflow once again. 🚀


  • 3Dsurvey Add-on Modules: Introducing RTK Videogrammetry and Scan modules for enhanced data capture and processing. 📱
  • Major Coordinate System Upgrade: Experience seamless data integration with a robust coordinate system upgrade. 🌐
  • Automatic Machine Deactivation: Easily switch between your machines with automatic machine deactivation. 🖥️
  • Clip Option: Define your export area with precision and ease using CAD lines with the new clip option. ✂️
  • Script Engine Update: Pre-write your scripts and unlock a new level of automation and efficiency. 💽
  • Balloon Fix for Full 3D Mesh: No more dome effect on areas mapped with oblique images when creating a full 3D mesh. 🎈

  You will be redirected to GoToWebinar for registration.  

Watch the recording here:

Meet your hosts: Marko, Vid & Matija


Marko Mesarič

  • 11+ years of surveying experience
  • 1000+ processed 3Dsurveying projects
  • 5+ years of dedicated customer and technical support

Marko, a highly experienced and beloved product manager at 3Dsurvey, has been with us since the company’s inception. Beginning his career as a traditional surveyor, he swiftly mastered classic techniques like working with topo maps, survey plans, and volume calculations.

Marko’s journey took a transformative turn when 3Dsurvey adopted modern drone photogrammetry, ushering in a new era of surveying. He played a pivotal role in completing over 300 aerial mapping and image processing projects for our clients, as well as processing more than 1000 3Dsurveying projects overall.

Furthermore, Marko discovered his true calling in assisting fellow surveyors, recognizing the common challenges they faced in the field. His dedication to knowledge-sharing and commitment to improving surveying methods became his favorite part of the job.


Vid Peterman

    • 4 years of traditional land surveying experience
    • 8+ years of experience in aerial photogrammetry
    • 300+ drone photogrammetry projects

    Vid has always been fascinated with technology and its potential in making our lives easier.

    Having joined our team as a student, he has dedicated himself to research and development, and has since more than earned his current position of technical director.

    I’ve always been a little obsessed with the prospect of doing things smarter … and nothing pleases me more than finding new, better, and faster ways of doing my job.


Matija Zupan

  • Engineer geologist
  • 9+ years of fieldwork and CAD experience

Matija has a thorough understanding of how product usage impacts customers and has a sense of urgency to resolve a problem, which can’t be replaced by technology. He of course constantly ensures the products meet exceptionally high-quality standards so that users don’t need to worry about bugs.

He brings to the team a wide array of field work experience from managing construction sites, examining landslides and mapping countless rocky slopes. He knows just how much time engineers spend visualizing and analyzing the data in GIS and CAD systems.