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Powerful digital surveying with flexible pricing

We want to help you survey faster, safer and smarter than ever before, without hurting your wallet. Our happy customers have proven to cover their investments within the scope of just 2 to 3 projects. So just pick the plan that suits you best, and start 3Dsurveying today.



$240 / month

Rent our complete digital surveying suite and pay as you go with a monthly subscription

  • Includes always the latest and greatest version of the software
  • Added flexibility of using the software exactly when you need it - sell project first, spend on software later
  • Cancel and renew at any time
    Includes best in class technical support
  • Auto-Renewal. Set and forget.

$200 / month

Rent our complete digital surveying suite and pay as you go with a yearly subscription.

  • Includes always the latest and greatest version of the software - for a year
  • Best value for money subscription. Pay for 10 months, get 2 months for free.
  • Worry-free
    Includes best in class technical support
  • Auto Renewal. Set and forget, we will renew instead of you, once per year
  • For companies OPEX instead of CAPEX

Most popular

Perpetual license


Worry-free solution, support & updates billed yearly. A stand-alone license that’s yours for life with all the updates and support.

  • Yours for a lifetime license
    All the updates and support are yours for the duration of renewed support & upgrade fee.
  • After your first year, extended updates and support are available to you optionally for $53 / month (If paid before the end of the active subscription year ends, users can get the update for $640).
  • Complementary 1:1 onboarding training
  • Access to all tutorials, case studies, datasets and more
  • Includes best in class technical support



Work with ready-for-use pre-installed software on a Pay-per-Use or a Period Subscription basis. No software download and installation required.

  • Use 3Dsurvey software on demand -> when you need it
  • Immediate use – no infrastructure and no installation needed
  • Choose between different performance options
  • Immediate return on investment
  • Reliable and fast infrastructure

Educational offers

The future of surveying is in our youth. In the young and ambitious minds still learning about the profession and hopefully discovering the same amount of love and admiration for it as we have.

Esteemed students and professors, you deserve the best tech on the market, so please feel free to apply for one of our non-commercial educational license plans below. Happy 3Dsurveying!

Individual Student License

If you are a student you can get a FREE standalone student license for individual, non-commercial use.

Educational Classroom License

A discounted stand-alone license for a classroom with up to 25 students.

3Dsurvey Pilot

Simplify site planning and reduce the time you spend on the field by up to 9x

Optimize on-site data gathering by transforming your drone into an automated high-precision surveying tool, eliminating the need for repeat site visits, and reducing your overall field costs.

Automate your aerial site mapping and mission planning with a fast and intuitive setup, and monitor the whole process through live telemetry camera feed.

Simply download the free Pilot app, connect it with your drone, and let it fly, while you relax. Collect all the data you need faster, safer and smarter than ever before.

Installation instructions (PDF)


Are you a client that looks for a more personalized offer?

Do you need help with finding the right drone and camera equipment? Interested in live and personalised training sessions or project-based support? Do you have any other suggestions?

Get in touch! We’d be happy to help you with every step on the way to your success.


  • Save time and accurately map large areas
  • Perfect for improving the accuracy of generated 3D models and georeferenced data
  • Design to automate detection process within 3Dsurvey software
  • Use targets for quality control and data validation
“One of the reasons that I am a 3Dsurvey partner, is because their customer service is unbeatable, and because they put out an INCREDIBLE amount of content, to help YOU, the user, make the most out of the software. They are constantly taking feedback from their customers and putting out helpful webinars, videos, and articles to help you work your job and find solutions to your hang ups.”
Farrah Etcheverry
Etcheverry Land Surveying

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