WORK FROM ANYWHERE - Cloud solution


with ready-for-use licensed 3Dsurvey software products available at

You don’t need to use a mapping software on a daily basis or you have jobs in different locations (measurements on one location, processing at another), then GeoCloud is a perfect solution for you. Customers can work with ready-for-use pre-installed software on a Pay-per-Use or a Period Subscription basis. No software download and installation are required.

3 computers are ready for your projects with 3Dsurvey (depends on the size of it), one for 3Dsurvey Viewer.

Use up-to-date software versions on a Pay-per-Use or Period Subscription basis

  • Execute multiple projects simultaneously
  • Select processing power to suit requirements
  • Work from home, work from anywhere, work anytime
  • Cut current software licenses, in-house computers and IT support costs
  • Start your new business with no upfront investment in software and computers


  • Pay-per-Use
  • License/Hardware purchase vs Cloud-based pay-per-use
  • Scalability
  • Scalable and always available computer environment: software, computers, storage, web
  • Use More. Pay Less.
  • Automatic discounts in hourly price when passing from one hour's group to another.

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