Multispectral imaging and Land surveying

Getting the right tools for the right job - that's not always the easiest thing to do. In this year's Abu Dhabi Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, the largest event of this kind in the Middle East, we demonstrate how powerful, effective and fun it can be to survey and manage your land with the right tool package. 

Three Slovenian data oriented companies come together to create this unique solution for anyone looking to upgrade their land surveying or precision farming. C-Astral with their UAV and data collection, 3Dsurvey as an image data processing specialist, and Datalab Pantheon Farming with their precision farming business solution, we have teamed up to display what future farming is and what Farm Management Information Systems have to offer to make your business better and easier.

3Dsurvey comes in with its top end image processing capabilities, NDVI index mapping, multi-spectral orthophoto generation, change detection and extremely accurate measuring toolset. 

We demonstrate that and much more at Innovative Agriculture Forum starting Tuesday Feb 16. 

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