3Dsurvey expands its distribution network to Brazil and The Benelux

A lot has been done in 3D mapping and photogrammetric processing in recent years. Huge development in UAV, LiDAR, and photogrammetry sectors have started to change the approach to land surveying. Classical measuring methods are still in use but more and more industries are beginning to focus on new data acquisition technologies.

This year's MundoGEO in Sao Paulo proved 3Dsurvey is on the right track. A great interest in the software solution and its easy-to-use high-tech functionalities confirmed that the Central and South American market is seriously open to modern surveying approach to environmental monitoring, construction, planning, and agriculture. With 3Dsurvey 2.0 and its impressive processing and output capabilities we have successfully partnered with Brazilian and Dutch distributors. With features, such as Classified LiDAR data processing, 3Dsurvey has got ahead of the game and offered unmatched price-performance solution.

Geodirect, a land surveying equipment specialist from The Netherlands, recognized the 3Dsurvey + DJI package as one of the most competent new-era land surveying tools and is confident that photogrammetry software paired with drones is the way forward. Industry applications, such as civil engineering, agriculture and coastline erosion monitoring are just a few that are going to benefit from this technology the most. Check out what Geodirect says about taking up this new challenge.

New Tools and Outputs of 3Dsurvey:

  • LiDAR Classified data processing and manipulation
  • RTK drone cross-compatibility that makes 3Dsurvey a total all-rounder for any mapping, processing and modelling job
  • Multispectral image processing - NDVI index mapping, multi-spectral orthophoto generation,  used in agriculture - precision farming - to perform soil and plant chemical element analysis for better crop production
  • Thermographic image processing - thermographic orthophoto generation, used in construction to calculate and visualize thermal losses and monitor energy efficiency

Standard Outputs of 3Dsurvey:

  • Dense 3D Point Cloud - a basis for any further processing, reconstruction and modelling
  • Digital Terrain Model - fully geo-referenced, spatially orientated, complete overview of terrain configuration
  • Volume calculation - excavated material, quarry and open-pit mine volume calculations and change detection, complete overview of terrain configuration - key element in landslide monitoring and landmass movement detection
  • Orthophoto - highly accurate digital orthophoto generation
  • Height map and Terrain Elevation - key element in flood risk management and spatial planning
  • Profile lines and Cross sections - single-click profile calculation and on-the-fly visualization and reporting
  • Contour lines - 3D and 2D contour maps, key element of any survey map or a topographical map
  • 3D Spatial Measurements - enables user to post-process, investigate or measure any detail
  • Visualization and Customization of 3D data - full freedom when it comes to comparing different projects, moving, rotating or layering different models or sets of data clouds - beneficial to large-scale planning and excavation projects

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