3Dsurvey @68th Annual TSPS Convention & Tech Expo

3Dsurvey and Capital Survey Supplies successfully participated at the 68th Annual TSPS Convention and Tech Expo in Horseshoe Bay, TX.
Every year the TSPS Convention & Tech Expo sets the standards, plans, and guidelines for next year's surveying industry.
This year's event took place in a magnificent Horseshoe Bay resort which created an amazing atmosphere.

3Dsurvey’s main goal was to demonstrate a digital approach to surveying business and show how the surveying workflows could be optimized and simplified with the use of drones and drone mapping software.

I’m a surveyor. How do I fully digitize my work process?

  1. Plan the mission and let the UAV capture images and data autonomously - 3DsurveyPilot.
  2. Generate dense 3Dmodels, mesh, texture, extract actionable information, bridge the gap between photogrammetry and CAD, calculate volumes, profiles & cross-sections, topo maps - 3DsurveySoftware.
  3. View, share and interactively control projects and site progress - 3DsurveyViewer.

Now it's your chance to get involved and learn the benefits of 3Dsurvey. Learn how to improve your surveying business with software that minimizes your fieldwork and saves valuable time.

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