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Potoška planina landslide – Measurement #6

In October we returned to Potoška planina to perform the 6th measurement of the landslide. We had two objectives. One was to get all the data on land mass movement we’ve been monitoring by employing photogrammetry and terrestrial measurements. The other was to reset a network of iron poles we’ve been using to perform classical terrestrial measurements and had been either destroyed by the landslide itself or somehow displaced and therefore unusable.

They had to be replaced for us to continue running the comparison between terrestrial measurements and photogrammetry. We set up a network of ten.

That serves as a great example of how much work needs to be done to be able to perform terrestrial measurements. Photogrammetry, on the other hand, doesn’t need any of that. Any point, any detail on an image can be observed and compared to any other image or measurement to track movements and changes.