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Photogrammetry proves its worth in documenting Cultural Heritage

How do you define a community? Most likely by their cultural heritage – their past, present and future which shape their identity.

Preserving and strengthening of historical constructions over time are vital, because of their high value within its community.

Old masonry buildings are subject to slow ageing processes, which must be monitored in order to prevent irreversible deterioration of materials and structural damage, as well as reduce susceptibility to natural hazards, in particular, earthquakes.

“With 3Dsurvey software we were able to produce the final report that we used for reconstruction of the shed 10x faster. Achieving the same results with traditional surveying equipment would be impossible. With 3Dsurvey time-efficiency is key to success.”

A. Kerin, Engineering Surveyor

Within this framework, the selection and use of the right structural modeling tools are key. They help us asses the present state, as well as support the design of the necessary strengthening interventions to maintain the structure.

In the project, we used photogrammetry software as a tool to create a 3D reconstruction model, which will serve as a basis for further reconstruction work.
Structure is a garden shed built around 1894. Reconstruction works were needed to strengthen structure to provide stability for further decades.

“3Dsurvey photogrammetry software helped us calculate point cloud with extreme accuracy and lifelike texture.”

A. Kerin, Engineering Surveyor

The aim was to create a survey-grade accurate model of the shed so that it could be revitalized. We positioned 4 GCP on a facade of the shed, to improve the accuracy of photos taken with smartphone. We have captured more than 900 images to achieve more than 80% overlap.

Project tools and specs:

  • Camera: Olympus E-M1, focal length 12mm 
  • Used images: 914 with 80% horizontal and vertical overlap 
  • Flying height: hand shots
  • Orientation: local coordinate system – 4 GCP measured with measuring tape on facade
  • Time of processing data: BA: 4 hours, Orientation: 20 min, Dense reconstruction: 12 hours
  • No. of point cloud points: 96.788.654
  • Area size: 23,13 m2

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