Overview of bridging structures, bridges; highway pillar overview

  • Žiče
  • June 2014

Using a helicopter, we surveyed a highway pillar in the vicinity of Žiče and created a 3D model of the pillar, along with an orthophoto map for each of the pillar's sides. The pillar measured a bit over 45 metros in height, while the helicopter flew unaided by GPS, as we were flying under the highway construction. The calculated data enables us to map the cracks and the damage, and to evaluate the renovation costs. The model is topologically precise and enables measurements between random elements. 

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Creating virtual reality with photogrammetry

Imagine it’s your first day at a new school. You walk through the front gates, overwhelmed by the sheer number of people surrounding you and trying to figure out who is going to be your best friend and who is not. Due to the pandemic, the situation is a bit different. Everything is remote and online, to minimize contact. And it is surely not the same as it was. Therefore, we decided to give the opportunity to parents and kids to get to know all the school's facilities via a perfect 3D model of a more than 110 years old building and all the needed info like what is like being there. And while doing this we preserved every single detail of the building for heritage documentation purposes as well.

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Mapping in the City of Sedona, AZ

The City of Sedona and surrounding areas are some of the favorites to work in for Farrah Etcheverry from Etcheverry Land Surveying. She was contracted to make a drone Topographic Survey for her client who intends to build a house at the base of the mountain and required a detailed map for designers and architects, which will design a house matching this beautiful landscape. At the same time she also needs to do a boundary survey of an adjacent property.

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